Surgicept® Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers

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Surgicept® Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers


*When used as directed. Apply to clean, dry hands after washing as directed by the CDC. Rub hands dry.  

Monthly subscription pricing, cancel anytime with no penalty.

*When used as directed. Apply to clean, dry hands after washing as directed by the CDC. Rub hands dry.  

  • Up to 6 hours of germ protection*
  • Used by surgeons and hospitals for 10+ years
  • Clinically and laboratory proven - kills 99.99% of germs 
  • Non-sticky, non-tacky, fragrance free
  • Premium quality, patented formula
  • 6 moisturizers and skin conditioners leave hands soft and smooth
  • 1 Bottle = approx. 30-day supply per person 
  • 2 pk = $7.97 ($3.99/bottle); 4 pk = $11.99 ($2.99/bottle); 6pk = $14.99 ($2.50/bottle); 12 pk = $24.99 ($2.08/bottle); 1 case (42 bottles ($2.02/bottle); 16oz bottle = $14.99
  • Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 70% w/w 

Clinical and Laboratory Tested

Surgicept® hand antiseptic (70% ethyl alcohol) has completed a series of clinical and laboratory tests in 2006 – 2011 conducted by BioScience Laboratories (Bozeman, MT) per the FDA’s Tentative Final Monograph testing criteria for surgical scrub and healthcare personal handwash (hand antiseptic) labeling for the healthcare professional market. Many of the results published in peer reviewed journals, such as The American Journal of Infection Control, and clinical posters presented at healthcare infection control and operating room nurses conferences.

Additional skin friendliness, irritation and sensitization studies were conducted, demonstrating that even after multiple applications there were no significant changes to skin hydration. See results on our Science page.

Premium Quality Moisturizing Ingredients

Surgicept is a smart, patented formulation combining 6 moisturizers, emollients and skin conditioners to counteract the drying from repeated alcohol use and leave the hands feeling soft and smooth. The unique blend of skin conditioning ingredients used in premium quality lotions and skin related products.

Tegosoft® APM

Very high polar cosmetic oil

Sensiva® SC50

Multifunctional cosmetic ingredient

PPG-3 Myristyl Ether

Cosmetic oil with solubilizing properties, especially suitable for transparent deodorant/antiperspirant sticks.


Emollient derived from glycerin and commonly found in soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to improve skin feel.


Premium quality emollient that creates a smooth feeling on the surface while conditioning the skin. Used in cosmetics and personal care products, primarily for hair care, lotions, and makeup.

Incroquat™ Behenyl TMS-50 (vegetable derived)

Formulation created by Croda, Inc. combining Behentrimonium methosulfate, Butylene Glycol and Cetyl Alcohol to create a premium quality skin conditioner used in cosmetic dermatology products

Behentrimonium methosulfate

ormulation created by Croda

Butylene Glycol

Bonds with water molecules

Cetyl Alcohol

Emollient derived from vegetable oils such as palm or coconut oil. Used primarily in creams and lotions.

Trademarks are the respective property of the following with all rights reserved. Tegosoft is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries AG (Germany). Sensiva is a registered trademark of SchÜlke, Inc. (SchÜlke & Mayr GmbH, Germany). Incroquat is a trademark of Croda, Inc.

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Cost Saving Analysis

Potential cost savings compared to a traditional hand sanitizer. Surgicept offers up to 6 hours protection. Results in potentially fewer applications, more and less potential damage to the skin

Traditional Hand Sanitizer Surgicept® Hand Sanitizer
Surgicept® Hand Sanitizer $1.79 - $3.99 $2.75 - $3.99
$2.75 - $3.99 $2.00 $3.19
Effectiveness duration ~15 mins Up to 6 hours
Up to 6 hours 6-15 2-3
2-3 1 ml 1 ml (6 sprays)
1 ml (6 sprays) 60 60
~# Days a bottle will last 4-10 days 20-30 days
20-30 days ~3 (30 day/10 days per bottle) ~3 (30 day/10 days per bottle)
~Monthly Sanitizer Cost ~$6.00 (3 bottle x $2.00) ~$3.19 (1 bottle)
~Cost per Day $0.20 ($6.00/30 days) $0.11 ($3.19/30 days)

Surgicept Potential Savings 47%

Additional Benefits:

  • Fewer applications
  • Supported by clinical and laboratory data
  • 6 skin conditioners to help prevent drying
  • Branded product used in hospitals since 2006 (safe & effective)

*number applications varies by person and condition and results may vary. For best results, Surgicept recommends washing hands with soap and water, when possible, and a apply Surgicep to clean, dry hands.