Persistence Study - Surgicept

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Persistence Study

6 Hour Proven Persistence Study

A third-party laboratory evaluated the effectiveness of two traditional hand sanitizers compared to Surgicept® at four time intervals: immediate, 30 minutes, 3 hours and 6 hours.

Study methodology: (1) Apply hand sanitizer per products direction; (2) wait for the test time interval (30 mins, 3 hrs, 6 hrs); (3) touch fingertips to contaminated surface; (4) wait 10 minutes; (5) sample sanitized fingertip. The bacteria colony forming unit growth was evaluated at each time interval.

  1. Product A: leading alcohol gel (62% ethyl alcohol)
  2. Product B: traditional alcohol hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol)
  3. Surgicept® patented hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol)

Conclusion: All samples were effective after 15 minutes. Only Surgicept hand sanitizer continued to demonstrate efficacy up to 6 hours with no bacteria growth. Data suggests traditional sanitizers will not continue to kill germs for an extended period and frequent reapplications should be considered.

Without sanitizing protection, bacteria start reproducing on hands almost immediately. In our study, a bacteria colony began to form after just 30 minutes, demonstrating the benefit of carrying sanitizer with you wherever you go.

While the traditional hand sanitizers are sufficient for the first 15 minutes of the study, you can watch the bacteria beginning to multiply after just 30 minutes.

Surgicept®'s patented formula with 70% ethyl alcohol offers long-lasting germ protection and should be considered when in public for extended periods of time.

Study performed by: BioScience Laboratory, Hand Sanitizer persistence study, July 2009.