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March 11, 2021 4 min read

How to Keep Your Hands Clean While Traveling For Work

Frequent travel for work can be a headache for many reasons. For air travel, there are security checks to get through, flights to board, and layovers to catch. If you regularly drive long distances for work, there can be heavy traffic to contend with, long stretches without bathroom breaks, and less time to get other work done. One major reason why travel of all kinds can be a hassle is the fact that there are germs everywhere, especially during cold and flu season, putting you at risk for getting sick. Luckily, there are several precautions you can take while traveling, so you can keep you and your family safe no matter where you are!

Wash Your Hands When Possible

Hand washing is still the preferred method for ensuring your hands are clean, especially when they are visibly dirty. Grease, grime, and dirt can all render hand sanitizer ineffective, so thorough hand washing is your best bet if you can see residue on your hands. To do this properly, make sure that you:

  • Wet your hands all the way up to your wrists
  • Dispense an adequate amount of soap onto your hands
  • Lather and scrub both hands making sure the soap reaches every area
  • Get between your fingers and under your fingernails
  • Continue doing this for at least 20 seconds
  • Rinse hands with water
  • Dry hands with a paper towel or let them air dry before touching other surfaces

Hand washing is one of the most powerful procedures we have to reduce the spread of germs and illness. Unfortunately, improper or inadequate hand washing is quite common, making it even more important that you do it as thoroughly as possible as often as needed. If you are ever not sure about whether you need to wash your hands in a given situation, go ahead and do it to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of everyone around you.

What if I Don't Have Access to a Hand Washing Station During Travel?

Travel can create plenty of barriers that get in the way of keeping hands clean and free from germs with hand washing. Long lines can form at airport bathrooms or on the airplane itself. Rest stops on long drives may be few and far between, and their hand washing stations may not be properly maintained. There is no limit to the number of reasons why an adequate hand washing station may not be readily available for you while you travel.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get clean hands wherever you are! For starters, several companies sell disposable hand wipes that you can store in your pocket or purse with ease. These can help reduce the amount of residue on your hands in the absence of a hand washing station, but they often don't contain sanitizing ingredients, so they don't always take care of germs. Even the ones that are sanitizing hand wipes can get costly and produce a fair amount of waste. Many of them also contain irritating ingredients that can make your hands itchy and dry.

Hand sanitizer, is another option for hand hygiene, as they are typically alcohol-based. Alcohol, at a high enough concentration, kills germs on contact, making hand sanitizer a very safe and effective disinfection method. Hand sanitizer is usually a more cost-effective option than hand wipes, and it doesn't product disposable waste after every use. Unfortunately, many brands of hand sanitizer don't contain soothing moisturizers, so many people find that hand sanitizer leaves their hands dry and cracked. Other brands that do add moisturizers often leave an unpleasant sticky residue.

At this point, it might feel like there is no way to win when it comes to having clean hands without access to a sink. Fortunately, Surgicept is here to help.

Surgicept hand sanitizer and Delta airlines

What Makes Surgicept a Superior Hand Sanitizer?

Surgicept is a patented hand sanitizer that has been used by surgeons for over 10 years! It contains 70% ethyl alcohol, killing 99.9% of germs on contact, giving you peace of mind while you travel. Additionally, Surgicept is formulated with six different emollients and skin conditioners that will help you avoid the dry, cracked, irritated hands that so often come from frequent hand sanitizer use. Best of all, Surgicept has found a way to make their moisturizing hand sanitizer dry almost instantly, preventing the unpleasant sticky residue commonly left behind by other brands.

Surgicept comes in 2oz. bottles, which are perfect for travel. You can keep Surgicept in your car, briefcase, backpack, or purse, so you always have a way to get clean hands no matter where you are. There is special pricing on subscriptions of Surgicept that will also help ensure that you are never caught without a way to clean and sanitize your hands, helping to keep you and your family safe and healthy

Traveling is stressful for many reasons, but worrying about getting sick no longer has to be one of them with Surgicept. Check out our website to learn more about Surgicept and how to get your clean and sanitized hands on some!