Surgicept® Hand Sanitizer leaves hands soft and smooth.

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Premium Quality Hand Sanitizer Trusted by Surgeons

Surgicept's patented non-sticky hand sanitizer formula has been used in operating rooms for 10+ years. Now, you can use this safe and effective premium quality formula too.

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Life is sticky enough. Hand sanitizer doesn't have to be.

Surgicept® is fast-acting, non-sticky, and designed for repeated use. Our patented, waterless formula leaves hands soft and smooth.


Answers to many of your questions about Surgicept® can be found in our FAQs below. For any other questions, please contact us. 

Surgicept® hand sanitizer is an innovative, patented formula specifically designed for repeated use. Used by surgeons for 10+ years, the fast-acting, non-sticky formula includes a unique blend of skin conditioners and emollients to counteract the drying effects of alcohol. With Surgicept®, your hands stay soft, smooth and protected, even after applying multiple times. Surgicept® is available via a monthly subscription, making sure it’s there when you need it. And, your supply is guaranteed for two months, giving you peace of mind in the event of an outbreak or other time of need.

Surgicept® hand sanitizer is the same formula as Surgicept® Waterless Surgical Surgical Scrub, which has been used by surgeons and other clinicians in hospitals since it was first introduced in 2006. Surgeons, nurses and other clinicians repeatedly apply alcohol-based sanitizer solutions, whether scrubbing-in multiple times a day or between patient contact. These extreme use cases lead to dry, cracked, irritated hands. Surgicept® was formulated specifically for repeated use to counteract the drying effects of alcohol, leaving the hands soft, smooth and protected, after multiple applications per shift. 

Yes, Surgicept® is fragrance-free.

When used as directed, side effects may include local skin allergic reactions to one or more of the ingredients. It should not be used on open cuts or scrapes. Avoid rubbing in the eyes.

For best results, apply Surgicept® to clean, dry hands. Apply a sufficient amount of Surgicept® to wet all surfaces of your hands and fingers. Briskly rub your hands together until they are dry.

Yes, Surgicept® can be used safely by pregnant and nursing women when applied as directed.

Surgicept® contains 70% ethyl alcohol, which kills 99.99% of germs. Developed by a team of scientists at Columbia University, the patented formula includes an innovative combination of skin conditioners and emollients to counteract the drying effects of alcohol, leaving the hands feeling soft and smooth - even after repeated use.